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Patch 8.0

Many changes have happened for patch 8.0. The interface has changed and talents have been reset. Also the artifact power seems to have been disabled.

Another stat squish has happened. My toon used to have 2000k hp, now he has 20k hp. This tuning has been done to make it easier for players to finish lower level dungeons from older expansions.



As of patch 7.3.5, zones and dungeons will now scale to your level.

Starting areas - 1-20
Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms - 10-60
Outland and Northrend - 58-80
Cataclysm and Pandaria - 80-90
Warlords - 90-100
Legion - 98-110

If you have heirlooms, starting a new toon will be fairly easy. Starting areas are like the intro quests, then you can pick an area you are comfortable with until you are level 58. When you reach a new zone, the game board will ask you which direction you want to go.


Where to access heirlooms

Heirlooms can be access from major cities, example undercity, ironforge or stormwind.
They do cost a pretty penny, but they help boost your new character a bit so you can speed the leveling process.


Rare Spawns

Rare enemies have a silver dragon plate around their name plate, instead of the gold dragon that regular bosses have. They are rare because they don't appear often, and they usually have weird names that don't fit into the Warcraft pool. You notice a rare spawn has extra abilities, usually more health, and it drops blue items with the occasion purple. Some rare spawns also carry lots of money.


Gold Cap/WoW Token

To reduce the use of botting and gold scammers, Blizzard introduced the WoW Token. You can buy it in game from the auction house and exchange it for game time or $15 battle.net balance. Tokens vary from server to server and changes at any time. As of this writing, the last price check of a token was 201,000 gold.

The gold cap is 9,999,999 as of Legion expansion.

Battle for Azeroth launches August 14th! Actual launch will be 3pm PDT August 13.

World of Warcraft is roughly 55 GB. Make sure you have enough space before installing. I personally either install on my main ssd, or have a second ssd and install WoW there. Your game will load much quicker compared to a regular hard drive.



If you're new to Warcraft as of today, getting into the game is not hard.

I will have a setup video on my stream page for new players, but I will list the steps here:

1. Install the battle.net app from blizzard.
2. Create an account, pay for the game and create a subscription.
3. Install Warcraft, log on and choose a realm.
4. Choose alliance or horde, choose a class, character name, apparence type and click enter world.

No matter which side, class or race you have chosen, you will be given an intro story line to start with. These areas are designed to help you get started with the game.

There are many ways to level up to 110, or soon 120. You can run battlegrounds, dungeons, raids, dailies, quests, or simply kill enemies over and over.