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Windows 10

Download here:


System Requirements:

CPU - 1 Ghz or faster CPU
RAM - 1 Gigabyte for 32 bit, 2 GB for 64 bit
DISK SPACE - 16 GB for 32 bit, 32 GB for 64 bit
VIDEO - DX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 Driver
800 x 600 display

If you never installed Windows before or bought Windows, you will be prompted to provide a key when the activation prompts you to. If you installed Windows 10 before and wiped the drive, the key will be stored in the bios and it will activate as soon as your computer goes online.


How to's

-> Setup Windows onto a USB
-> Install Windows on a blank hard drive
-> Install drivers and updates
-> Computer Management
-> Task Manager
-> Event Viewer
-> Install / Uninstall Apps/Programs