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Dec 24, 2018
Borderlands 2 is now available in VR!

The game that has "87 Bazillion guns" is now available in PSVR! It came out Dec 14th. Would you play it? I own Borderlands 1, 2 and the Pre-Sequel.


Cost - 49.99 usd


Super Smash Bros Ultimate launched Dec 7 for the Switch

Looks like I have another reason to buy a Switch. Super Smash Bros Ultimate launched, and the last time I played a Smash Bros was on the N64.

There are 70 fighters to choose from, and the Piranha Plant is free for a limited time only. Yet another reason for me to run out and get my copy.

CS Go is now free to play!

On Dec 6, Valve announced that Counter Strike Global Offensive is now free to play. I was going to wait until a steam sale came, but free is good! You might see me uploading videos soon with my gameplays. I do own the original CS 1.6