World of Warcraft


Battle for Azeroth coming August 14!

Battle to level 120! Explore new zones!

When you pre order, you get a free character boost to level 110



Hotfixes - Feb 26, 2018

Click here to read about the fixes for PVP, Dungeons, and Quests


Scheduled Maintenance

Starting Feb 27 at 5AM, services will be under maintenance. Game will be unavailable for play until 6AM PST


Pre order Battle for Azeroth

On September 21, the next expansion for World of Warcraft will go live. If you pre-order, you will get a free boost to level 110!

New videos coming every Friday!

I will be uploading my streamed playthroughs of WoW each week. I play through classic raids, run classic heroics, and mess around. Stay tuned


Lunar Festival: Feb 17-Mar 3

Visit each elder in each zone to earn rewards. You will be rewarded with 75 rep, coin of ancestry and a lucky red envelope. If you are at level cap, you will just earn gold instead of xp.

Click here for all of the locations of each elder.