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The run command. Simply press the windows key on the keyboard, type run, and the Run short cut will pop up. click on it and this box will open. You can also do windowskey+r to open run.

> cmd - opens command prompt
> powershell - opens powershell command line
> control panel - brings you to the control panel
> any letter drive you have available - if you type c: or e: , etc, it will bring you to that drive. if you don't have the drive letter, it will prompt you with an error
> msra - Allows you to ask for remote help or you can help others with remote connection
> mstsc - Opens remote desktop connection
> regedit - Opens registry editor. For advanced users
> compmgmt.msc - Computer management. Everything you need including device manager and disk manager.
> shutdown /r /o /f /t 00 - Shuts down the system within 0 seconds. Brings the system into safe mode with advanced boot options