Galaxy S8 Review


With the S9 coming out, I figure I'd write a review about the Galaxy S8 that I currently own. I own the S8, not the S8+
I have 64 gb storage, android 7.0, quad core cpu 2.3 ghz

Battery - I hardly ever have to charge the battery. I can go without charging for two days. Of course if there is heavy use involved, it will die quicker. Heavy use includes watching videos, playing music, games, GPS

Speed - No lag, apps open quickly. Some new apps crash, but that is just the dev's end.

Storage - 64gb is a lot of storage, and you have the option to add SD cards. Some options allow you to have 128 gb, but check with the seller for information.

Camera/Video - Picture quality is excellent. I have owned phones with terrible quality video and camera, but this one beats them all. I can't wait to see how the S9 holds up. You can take full hd pictures, and shoot videos at 60fps at perfect quality.

The build quality is great, it doesn't break easy like my previous apple phones.

Price point is excellent if you decide to go on a plan. Depending on your plan and situation, you could be paying $33/month for the device. Check with your carrier for info.

Now for some cons, because not everything is perfect.

- Touch sensitivity is odd, but many phones I have owned were like that. You unlock a phone, grab it, and something random tends to open.

- Any app you install will have notifications turned on. Lets say you install games, setup your email accounts and have social media turned on. Your lock screen will be flooded with notifications by default until you go into permissions and turn the apps off.

- The phone does get hot when you have GPS open for a long time. Lets say you take a trip somewhere and you need the gps open. If you need it the whole way, the phone will get hot and cause it to die quickly. Thankfully the galaxy fast charger can charge the phone in about 1.5 hours.


Get the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Windows 10 version 1709 will be updated to your system soon. When the update is ready to be installed, you will be asked to pick a date and time to install it. I just installed it on my machine, which took roughly 35 minutes on a solid state drive.

Click here to see what's new in version 1709


Ads in GPS - Seriously?

I can understand free apps need to make money, but you can refrain from showing ads while the person is driving. If I'm driving and I get lost, I'm not going to want to click on an ad to go somewhere else. This happens often when I use Waze and some random coffee shops show up when I'm driving on a busy highway. I use hands free, but at least give me the option to go somewhere after my trip is done. Nothing more annoying than a gps redirecting you while you're lost.