Wrestling News

WWE Raw - 11/6/17

> Raw GM Kurt Angle appeared on Miz TV

> Jason Jordan def. Elias

> Asuka def. Stacy Coates

> Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe ended in double count out

> Sasha Banks & Baylet vs. Alicia Fox & Nia Jax

> Braun Strowman def. IC Champ The Miz via DQ

> UK Champ Pete Dunne def. Cruiserweight Champ Enzo Amore

> Cesaro & Sheamus def. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins to win the Raw Tag Team Championships


Tech Reviews


HP DV9000 Service Manual

Do you have the HP DV9000 laptop? Click here to see the service manual. You can read up on the memory, cpu, hard drive and more.



AMD Ryzen 5 1600x Six Core Processor

Release Date - March 2017

Pros - Good for gaming and video editing. I upgraded my system from AMD A10, so this was a huge jump. I haven't tried overclocking yet, but other reviewers say this cpu is easy to overclock. Every program I through at it so far runs perfect.

Cons - It didn't come with a cooler. I got the hyper T2 from cooler master. When you buy a custom cooling system for the new ryzen cpu's, make sure the cooler fits the socket. The older gen is slightly different, so make sure your new motherboard fits the cooler. You can check out pcpartpicker.com for a guide line for choosing cpu's, motherboards, and coolers.


Powershell Commands (common)

add the following commands to slmgr.vbs and it will perform the actions

/ipk <productkey> - attempts to install a 5x5 product key

/ato [activation id] for retail editions and volume systems with a KMS host key or MAK installed, /ato prompts windows to attempt online activation

/dlv [activation ID | all] displays license information

/xpr [activation ID] displays the activation expiration date for the product