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Undertaker is entered into the 2017 Royal Rumble! He is also the favorite to win this year. Brock and Goldberg are both #1 and 2, but it isn't likely either one will win.

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Wrestling Column

- Royal Rumble is January 29

The following names have been entered:

> Goldberg
> Brock Lesnar
> Big E
> Xavier Woods
> Kofi Kingston
> Braun Strowman
> Chris Jericho
> Baron Corbin

Today's tech tip

Set your browser's homepage to about:blank. Your browser will start faster because.. there's nothing to load! Set your search preferences to google or your favorite search engine. Type whatever you need into the address bar and the search engine does the rest.



Today on Warcraft 1-7-17

I'll be covering various quests that are kind of annoying in Legion. Make sure you are decently geared to run through some of these packs. I feel like the last expansion was easier than Legion, but it is still doable.

The artifact weapons are amazing. contant upgrades, pvp or pve.

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