New video is up

> World of Warcraft - I run MoP and WoD dungeons. New Areas have been added for Battle of Azeroth. New Expansion launches next Tuesday!

Click here for video mp4 format - 1.08gb



Two new videos added for warcraft!

Skyreach dungeon with my 110 frost mage

Blood Furnace with my 110 frost mage


More updates to come



stay tuned. remodeling the website. will be back by friday. thanks!


My new ram is working again, so I am back online making videos! You can also follow me on twitch by clicking the link here.

Here is a pic of my gaming rig. Yeah I know I suck at cable management. I might fix that in the near future... lols

Full pic


My main desktop computer has run into ram issues. I am receiving new ram by Monday, so updates will continue then. If you like to contribute, feel free to e-mail me. I use dreamweaver to edit my website.



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