Two new videos were uploaded on streams. Also WWE was updated.



New Diablo video was uploaded. Still recording more videos. One man crew here.

I play on Torment 7, paragon 303. If you play witch doctor, Helltooth build is the way to go. I do 1.2 mil damage.




AJ Styles will defend the WWE title at Hell in a Cell against Samoa Joe


SummerSlam Results

Check WWE page for more info



New video is up

> World of Warcraft - I run MoP and WoD dungeons. New Areas have been added for Battle of Azeroth. New Expansion launches next Tuesday!

Click here for video mp4 format - 1.08gb



Two new videos added for warcraft!

Skyreach dungeon with my 110 frost mage

Blood Furnace with my 110 frost mage


More updates to come

About my website:

This website was built for gaming, tech, wrestling and more.


Battle for Azeroth has arrived

My new video series will feature a 110-120 guide, battleground guide and a fresh start guide. Warning, spoilers will be there.



My new ram is working again, so I am back online making videos! You can also follow me on twitch by clicking the link here.

Here is a pic of my gaming rig. Yeah I know I suck at cable management. I might fix that in the near future... lols

Full pic


My main desktop computer has run into ram issues. I am receiving new ram by Monday, so updates will continue then. If you like to contribute, feel free to e-mail me. I use dreamweaver to edit my website.