I've been checking out some of the Sonic and Zelda creepypasta videos, and I decided to play sonic.exe. Check the link below to see my playthrough. It's even more creepy when you find all of the rings.





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If the video doesn't play, click on the links to download them. You can open them with VLC or Windows Media Player. Any other player that supports .mp4 will work. Just haven't tested them.




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AMD Ryzen 5 Prices and Launch Date

1400x = $169
1500x = $189
1600 = $219
1600x = $249

These processors are set to launch April 11, 2017



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Who will be the new general manager of RAW? Some people say Kurt Angle, HBK, or Steve Austin. There is a video of Summer Rae as a potential gm. I'm for it, but as for ratings, the smart move would be Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, or even Eric Bischoff.



March 10, 2017

Check out for the latest matches and info about Wrestlemania 33!




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John Cena is special guest on Miz TV